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Weekend recap: trail edition

Several trail races took place across the country this weekend

With the return of in-person racing, trail runners had a busy weekend, both in Canada and in other parts of the world. Canadian runners had the opportunity to compete in races in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec in a variety of distances, while others completed the Dragon’s Back mountain race in the U.K. Runners in Italy also began the famous Tour des Géants, which they expect to complete this Saturday. Below are the results from all the trail action this weekend.

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Finlayson Arm 100K

The Finlayson Arm offers multiple distances including a 28K, 50K, 100K and the option to do the double, which involves running the 28K and the 100K in the same weekend. The course is challenging, and runners have to navigate calf-deep water and numerous difficult climbs ascending Mt. Finlayson, Mt. Work and Mckenzie Bight to Jocelyn Hill.

28K results


  1. Tyler Trace, 3:01:23
  2. Robert Johnson, 3:07:14
  3. Robert Brunelle, 3:09:37


  1. Lindsay Cristante, 3:22:56 (7th overall)
  2. Brianna Brandon, 3:36:12 (14th overall)
  3. Carli Truant, 3:45:02 (17th overall)

The Lost Soul Ultra

This annual race in Lethbridge, Alta., offers  100 mile, 100K and 50K with approximately 1,200m of elevation gain over the course of each 54-kilometre lap. In the 50K event there were two women in the top four, with Melissa Paauwe of Calgary third overall and Heidi Frehlich of Lethbridge in fourth. Heavy rainfall ahead of the race forced organizers to use their rain route for the 50K for the first time in the history of the race, which meant runners had to complete five loops of a 10-kilometre paved course, after only training on trails leading up to the race.

100 mile


  1. Dave Proctor, 19:05:56
  2. Patrick Humenny, 21:58:14
  3. Cameron Avison, 22:02:51


  1. Karen Johansen, 27:56:00 (9th overall)
  2. Heidi Schmaltz, 28:05:00 (10th overall)
  3. Karen Hardwick, 31:51:00 (15th overall)



  1. Brandon Miller, 10:08:16
  2. Flemming Sondergaard, 10:50:50
  3. Daylan Wizniuk, 11:28:42


  1. Heather Tuckova, 12:16:10 (7th overall)
  2. Kristen Suchovs, 13:07:18 (12th overall)
  3. Josefina Kaderabek, 13:28:43 (14th overall)



  1. Reinier Paauwe, 3:48:04
  2. Richard MacDonald, 3:51:02
  3. Carl Pryce, 4:15:11 (5th overall)


  1. Melissa Paauwe, 3:51:22 (3rd overall)
  2. Heidi Frehlich, 3:56:45 (4th overall)
  3. Kimber Snow, 4:51:21 (15th overall)


Haliburton Forest Trail Race

The 100-mile is the signature distance for the Haliburton Forest Trail Race, but runners who don’t feel like doing the entire distance also have the option to do the 12K, 26K, 50K or 50 mile.



  1. Tyler Lahti, 58:50
  2. Scott Jones, 1:00:16
  3. Tyler Ferguson, 1:03:34


  1. Saree Sasson, 1:17:06 (11th overall)
  2. Lauren Newton, 1:17:13 (12th overall)
  3. Carolyn Brennan, 1:17:27 (13th overall)



  1. Jason LaPorta, 2:20:53
  2. Adam Tarvit, 2:27:18
  3. Dirk Friesen, 2:37:20


  1. Michelle Clarke, 2:42:52 (5th overall)
  2. Anne Murphy, 2:59:17 (8th overall)
  3. Danika Winkel, 3:11:24 (12th overall)

50 mile


  1. James Schwartz, 9:19:35
  2. Carsten Meyer-Jacob, 9:59:00
  3. Alexander Katsaras, 10:03:10


  1. Paula Morley, 11:22:05 (8th overall)
  2. Victoria Tuttle, 11:46:30 (10th overall)
  3. Jade Irons, 11:49:25 (11th overall)



  1. Ed McColm, 5:49:30 (2nd overall)
  2. Elliot McCabe-Lokos, 5:49:30 (3rd overall)
  3. D Henning, 6:19:34 (4th overall)


  1. Tanis Bolton, 5:16:57 (1st overall)
  2. Neela D’Souza, 6:37:36 (9th overall)
  3. Rebecca Baldwin, 6:38:38 (10th overall)

100 mile


  1. Elias Kibreab, 21:28:49
  2. Ryan Niclasen, 21:46:45
  3. Adam Koppany, 24:54:14


  1. Joan Mathews, 29:08:24 (4th overall)
  2. Caitlyn Cavanaugh-Dollard, 30:13:41 (5th overall)
  3. Linda Trinh, 31:26:45 (8th overall)


Ultra-Trail Harricana du Canada

This annual favourite is run in the backcountry of Charlevoix, Que. and offers several distances, including 5K, 10K, 20K, 28K, 42K, 65K, 80K (50 miles) and 125K. The 125K is a Western States 100 Qualifier and a UTMB qualifying race worth three Running Stones. Below, we’ve listed the men’s and women’s winners for each event, click here for full results.

5K men’s: Mathew Bolam, 28:18.9

5K women’s: Amelia Lajoie, 36:10.4 (8th overall)

10K men’s: Olivier Gervais, 46:28.6

10K women’s: Marjorie Labrecque, 1:00:41.7 (16th overall)

20K men’s: Samuel Gosselin-Simard, 1:47:02.5

20K women’s: Catherine Cormier, 2:10:32.8 (8th overall)

28K men’s: Emile G. Ouellet, 2:20:35

28K women’s: Melodie Gilbert, 2:33:31.5 (8th overall)

42K men’s: Jean-Francois Cauchon, 3:46:17.5

42K women’s: Sarah Bergeron-Larouche, 4:00:15.9 (5th overall)

65K men’s: Olivier Gagnon, 6:08:14

65K women’s: Maika Lamoureux, 7:08:24.9 (13th overall)

80K men’s: Victor Larocque, 7:36:24.3

80K women’s: Svenja Espenhahn, 8:45:45.9 (5th overall)

125K men’s: David Hedges, 14:40:44.0

125K women’s: Jenny Quilty, 16:15:38 (2nd overall)

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Montane Dragon’s Back Race, U.K.

Considered one of the toughest mountain races in the world, participants run this 380K route over six days, gaining a total of 17,400m of elevation. This year’s winners were Simon Roberts of Wales and British runner Katie Mills, who now lives in Canada.


  1. Simon Roberts, 45:42:11
  2. Russell Bentley, 47:08:55
  3. Matt O’Keefe, 52:08:13


  1. Katie Mills, 61:12:54 (7th overall)
  2. Elaine Bisson, 66:53:28 (21st overall)
  3. Catherine Slater, 66:53:28 (28th overall)