10 Father’s Day ideas for the running dad

kids runningHere are our top ten ideas for making this Father’s Day special for the running dad in your life.

1)   Go for a run together

Ask any dad and they’ll tell you that the most valuable gift you can give them is spending time together. Even if you’re not the same speed, make an effort to go for a run or even a walk together. If you’re breathing too hard to talk, he’ll still know what your effort meant.

2)   Bike beside him

If you can’t keep up on foot, your dad will still appreciate your company on a bike.

3)   Sign the two of you up for a race

Races are awesome memories to have and there is no one better to cross the finish line with than a family member. Plus, keeping each other updated on how your training is going is a great excuse to call more often. Check out our race guide app (it’s free) for upcoming events.

4)   Surprise him with a post-run coffee

Father’s Day falls on a Sunday, which means your dad may be out for his long run. Surprise him by picking up his favourite specialty drink for his post-run java jolt.

1570386955)   Make him post-run brunch

Show your appreciation through a yummy post-run spread. We have pancake and egg recipes if you need some inspiration.

6)   Give him a gadget

If you’re dad is a fan of running tech, make his Father’s Day special with a new running toy like the Garmin Forerunner 620 or the Adidas MiCoach Smart Run.

race bib art

7)   Turn his race memorabilia into something special

If you’re more of a DIY type of person, make his day special by turning his race bib collection into something to be displayed, like a mural or coaster set. Check out our DIY guide for more ideas.

oncearunner8)   Give him a book

For the reading runner father, pick up one of our favourite running books, check out our running book guide for ideas.

9)   Stretch it out together

Convince your dad to try a yoga class with you. His runner’s muscles will thank you.

10)   Get him a Canadian Running subscription

Hey, you know you love us. He would too.