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Gen Lalonde’s race day diet

What the steeplechaser ate before she broke her own Canadian record

Gen Lalonde broke her own Canadian 3,000m steeplechase record in her season opener on Saturday in Shanghai. The 27 year old ran a 9:29.82 on Saturday just breaking, her previous record which was set at 9:29.99 at the 2017 World Championships.

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Lalonde said she took it out conservatively on Saturday and felt strong in the race. “It was my first race on the track this season so I didn’t want to go out super fast. I stuck in the back of the pack then slowly began to find my rhythm. At about four laps to go I really started to kick it into a faster gear and pass pack in front of me. From there I just kept progressing and passing people until a sprint finish at the end with the girl in sixth. I was pleasantly surprised with the time as I was was pretty relaxed the whole way through.”

Training has been going well for Lalonde. She’s coming off of an altitude stint, but she thinks there’s much more to come for her this season. “Training has been going really well so we knew it could be a good start. I was really happy to get that time down, but I’m really looking forward to where we can take it this season.”

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When it comes to race-day nutrition, Lalonde says it varies a lot depending on where she is in the world. “Being in Shanghai, my meals weren’t necessary what I would’ve eaten at home.”

Race day nutrition plan

Breakfast: oatmeal with peanut butter toast with a banana and an orange.

Lunch: potatoes, balsamic chicken, lettuce, cucumber and bread with melted cheese.

Pre-race snack: toast with peanut butter and banana, an orange, a granola bar and some chocolate spread on toast with some not-so-tasty coffee.

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Up next for the steeplechaser is a meet in Nanjing, China.