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These scrumptious cookies are perfect for your next adventure

These five-minute cookies are the perfect combo of salty and sweet

Harmony Bowman trail running Photo by: Ryan Thrower

Looking for a great on-the-run snack that doesn’t overload your tastebuds with sugar, like a store-bought gel? Harmony Bowman, long-time runner and cofounder of the trail running media site Freetrail (alongside her husband, pro ultrarunner Dylan Bowmanhas a cookie recipe you’ll want to whip up this weekend. Easy to tweak to suit your tastes (like Harmony, I love adding a little bit of salt and some dark chocolate chips), you’ll be lucky if the cookies make it to the trailhead without disappearing.

One recipe makes enough for two people heading out on a longish run, or one very hungry runner.

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Photo: Unsplash/Nicolas Varela

Harmony’s trail cookies


1 ripe banana

3/4–1 cup peanut butter

1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats

1–2 tbsp maple syrup (optional)

1 tsp–1 Tbsp cinnamon, to taste (optional)

1/2 cup chocolate chips (optional)

Sprinkle with sea salt before baking (optional)


Mix all ingredients. Form into rough balls and place on a non-stick baking sheet or pan (using parchment paper or oil to grease the pan makes cleanup a breeze). Bake at 350 F for 10–15 minutes, until the cookies are golden brown.

Devour these babies warm, or let them cool before tossing them in your pack for a day on the trail. Highly suggest making a double batch!


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