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Polar unveils affordable new heartrate monitor

Polar's latest heartrate monitor is accurate and inexpensive

Polar H9 heartrate monitor

At only CDN $79.99, the new Polar H9 chest strap heartrate monitor is perfect for those just getting into running. The H9 can be used with many different GPS smartwatches, the free Polar Beat and Polar Flow apps, as well as popular smartphone apps like Nike Run Club, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper and Zwift. The battery will last for up to a year even if you’re running for an hour a day, and provides an inexpensive alternative to the pro-level H10 and Polar OH1+ optical heartrate monitor.

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Polar H9 heartrate monitor
Polar H9 heartrate monitor. Photo: Polar

Many experts recommend a heartrate monitor so you can see the specific effort it takes to run at different paces, and so you can see how your fitness is progressing as you train for a target race. Some athletes choose to train by heartrate rather than pace, making an accurate monitor essential. (Even those who train by perceived effort rather than pace or heartrate can benefit from first learning to accurately perceive effort with the help of a monitor.)

Polar claims its heartrate monitors are more accurate than most, and this latest model doesn’t compromise accuracy despite its low cost.

The H9 features multiple connectivity options including Bluetooth, as well as ANT+ and 5kHz gym equipment. The Polar Beat app provides real-time heartrate monitoring, lets users set training targets and receive live voice guidance, and provides a post-workout analysis. Polar Flow lets runners see their progress long-term and offers deeper data analysis for those who just can’t get enough of the numbers.

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The H9 comes in two sizes (XS-S and M-XXL) and can be ordered here .

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