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Polar unveils FitSpark, Race Pace and Strava Live Segment updates to its Vantage series

Polar Vantage V and M wearers will love the new FitSpark, Race Pace and Strava Live Summit features

In its 2019 Year in Sport, Strava reported that the Polar Vantage M was the fastest-growing model in the sports watch space (in which Garmin is the leader) among its users, and with good reason. As of today, the Vantage V and Vantage M models of the popular Polar line of sports watches will see some exciting updates, including three new features: FitSpark, Race Pace and Strava Live Segments.


Photo: Polar

FitSpark daily training guide

The FitSpark guide offers suggested workouts that are customized according to your current fitness level, training history and recovery needs based on information from the watch’s sleep monitoring function. This is a great feature for runners looking to build strength into their fitness in a way that won’t compromise adaptation.

Race Pace

The Race Pace feature tracks your distance and pace goal in real time, giving you a virtual “run buddy” that tells you how much you need to adjust your pace in order to meet your goal for that workout or race.

Strava Live Segments

(for the Vantage V and Strava Summit users only)

Connect to Strava and see how you stack up against other runners on your favourite road or trail segments. You can see data in real time, including where the segment starts, how much distance you have left to cover, and whether you’re ahead of or behind the target time.

Deidre Tully running in the Whistler alpine in late day light. Photo: Clint Trahan

The Vantage models have some pretty amazing features, including multisport capability, podless power readings, sleep tracking and advanced training features like a custom running index, and the updates represent welcome enhancements to what is already a highly functional, aesthetic and indispensable accessory for the serious runner or multisport athlete.

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The Polar V is available here starting at CDN $699.00. The Polar M retails for CDN $389.99.

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