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Get to know Canadian all-comers 5K record-holder Sarah Inglis

The Spring Run-Off has a stacked women's field. It's Inglis vs. Pidhoresky vs. Gollish vs. surprise Around the Bay champion Mengistu Emebet

Tomorrow is the 2019 Spring Run-Off, the first race of the 2019 Canada Running Series calendar. The event hosts both a 5K and 8K, and the women’s 8K boasts one of the most competitive fields in the race’s history.

The start list includes 2015 Pam Am medallist and 2:32 marathoner Sasha Gollish, 1:12 half-marathoner Dayna Pidhoresky who was second at Around the Bay last weekend, and Sarah Inglis of Scotland who set the Canadian All-comers 5K record only two weeks ago at 15:29. The race will also feature the 2019 Around the Bay champion Mengistu Emebet who surprised the field and won the event in nearly record time.

Photo: Maxine Gravina

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Inglis says that she surprised herself at the two weeks ago when she set the all-comers record. “I knew based on my training that I could run a good time and be competitive. But it’s two different things to run a time during training and do it on the day of a race. I knew Tash [Natasha Wodak] was behind me, so it was more about running away from Tash than running a certain time.”


For tomorrow’s race, Inglis is hoping to run well against the very competitive field and maybe even set a course record in the process. The record is held by Jill Hunter at 25:56. Following the Spring Run-Off, Inglis is looking to find a 5,000m or 10,000m race on the track before heading back home to Europe for the summer. “I’m going home to the UK for our [world] trials on July 6 and then I’ll spend some time in Europe racing.”

About Inglis

The 5K All-comers record-holder is a physical education teacher in Langley, B.C. She coaches track and field at some of the schools she works at, and when asked if the kids know how good she is, she says some do and it really captures their attention. “One principal told the other teachers and kids at the school that I was trying to make the Olympics and a bunch of kids came to my classroom with pens and paper for autographs. Not all of the kids know how much I run, but I will say that the ones who do really listen to me. I have this superpower over them that I’m fine with milking for a little longer.”


Diet the day before a race

Inglis grew up on a farm and says that’s reflected in her diet. “My lunches and dinners are usually meat, vegetables and either rice or potatoes. Something simple that fuels me. For breakfast I usually have a bagel with jam and peanut butter, along with coffee. Snack are usually apples and bananas.” As far as treats go, Inglis isn’t opposed. “I actually have a glass of red wine the night before races sometimes. It takes the edge off.”

The 8K starts on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. in Toronto.