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Does footwear matter when running on a treadmill?

What type of shoes you should and should not wear when on a treadmill

A better treadmill

When running outdoors, some runners prefer to have higher cushioned shoes to embrace the impact of the pavement on their body, but when running on the treadmill, what type of shoes should you wear?

Although there is no clear-cut shoe that is best for treadmill running, you will want something comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Since the surface of the treadmill is cushioned, you should not combine it with high cushioned running shoes, they can allow you to strike harder on the surface, which can ultimately lead to lots of wear and tear on your body.

Should you wear minimal, maximal or traditional shoes?

If you thought about running on the treadmill barefoot or in socks, don’t. It is an accident waiting to happen. Running barefoot may lead to burning on the soles of your feet from the friction of the belt. You are also in danger of stubbing your toes against the front of the machine.

The sweat from your feet will generate moisture on the belt, which could you make you prone to slip and become an internet GIF.

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There haven’t been any studies on running efficiency when wearing carbon-plated shoes on the treadmill. But most carbon plated models aren’t built for treadmill mileage and lack the support for long training runs.

Why you should run on the treadmill when coming back from an injury

Here are a few tips for finding the right treadmill shoe:

  • The shoes should be lightweight. This makes it easier to maintain a high cadence, especially when doing treadmill intervals.
  • The most important factor when buying any type of running shoe is comfort.
  • Make sure the shoes are breathable. You may begin to experience issues such as cramping or burning soles if the upper is too bulky and tight. Good treadmill running shoes should bend and breathe around the ball of your foot area