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Emma Coburn’s Instagram is basically an ab workout tutorial

Emma Coburn: queen of the side plank

Want a strong core like Emma Coburn? The steeplechaser’s Instagram is strength training goals. The Olympic medallist and 2017 world champion has a great program, parts of which she shares with her Instagram followers. 


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Strength training can be great to implement into your routine, especially during the winter. If you take the time to work on your core strength, your spring results could benefit. While Coburn’s core exercises aren’t for the faint of heart, use them as inspiration and work one or two into your strength routine. Disclaimer: doing all five side plank variations in one session might cause severe soreness and residual burn, so consider working them into your pre-existing routine one at a time.

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Side plank variation 1


Side plank variation 2


Side plank variation 3


Side plank variation 4


Side plank variation 5