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Four things Athletics Canada is doing to keep athletes cool during nationals–and you can, too

Take a page from Athletics Canada's playbook and stay cool during the heatwave in Ontario and eastern Canada

There’s a heatwave going on in much of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, and this poses some concern for recreational and elite runners alike. As the Canadian Track and Field Championships get underway in Ottawa today, the temperature is 35 C with humidex. Athletics Canada has tweeted some measures they’re taking to keep athletes from overheating, and we had a little fun adapting them for the regular runners among us.

They include:

*Free water for spectators and athletes

Adapted version: Pack water. Electrolytes too.

*Misting stations for athletes and spectators

Adapted version: Plan your route so you can circle back home to run through your sprinkler every 20 minutes. Alternatively, you could always hang a spray-bottle or plant mister off the waistband of your shorts.

*Trained medical team and responders on-site

Adapted version: If your partner isn’t a medical professional, or they’re not available to support you should you develop heatstroke, then take all necessary precautions to avoid succumbing.


Canada's Taylor Milne (right), seen here competing in Guelph, will be taking on Olympic bronze medallist Paul K. Koech in the steeplechase at the Edmonton Track Classic. Photo: Dean Palmer
Photo: Dean Palmer

*Cold tubs (for athletes)

Sorry, spectators are not invited to join athletes in the cold tub. (Or the steeplechase pit.) Adapted version: A post-run ice bath. Fill your bathtub with cold water and add all the ice in your freezer. You could even buy a bag of ice or two to enhance the experience. If all else fails, a cold shower will help cool your jets.