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New Strava update lets you pick favourites

Follow your favourite runners and see workouts chronologically with the latest update from Strava

Are you tired of scrolling through Strava looking for your friend’s latest run? Maybe you have a bit of a fun rivalry with another runner in your town and you find yourself searching the app for their workouts? Either way, Strava’s latest update will make your life easier, as you can now add specific athletes to a Favourites list so their activities will always be the first ones you see.

With this new feature, you can even set up alerts for whenever your Favourites post a workout. This way, if they’re your running buddies, you can be the first person to give them kudos on their activities. On the other hand, if someone sets a new course record that you had your eyes on, you can hear about it right away. Maybe that’ll be the motivation you need to get out and go for the record yourself.

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In addition to the Favourites feature, Strava has rolled out Chronological Feed Ordering. Now, instead of seeing someone’s run from two days ago, you’ll see their latest activity first. Strava reports that this is a feature users have been asking for, so this update will be welcome news to many runners.

If you don’t want a chronological feed, you can turn it off in Settings. Also with the Favourites option, you don’t have to pick anyone if you don’t want to.

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To change these settings on your app, make sure you have the latest version of Strava (140.0.0 for iPhone and 140.10 for Android). If you’re up to date, head to your profile, then Settings and select “Feed Ordering” to choose whether you want workouts posted chronologically.

Selecting Favourites is even easier. All you have to do is go to the profile of the person you’d like to favourite, click the “Following” button and select “Add to Favourites.”

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Quick and easy and now you’re ready to see exactly who you want and when you want it on Strava.