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Strength move to try: Natasha Wodak demonstrates weighted lunges

Need strength training ideas? Natasha Wodak has a few

Natasha Wodak’s 2018 is off to a great start after the Vancouver distance runner has been named to the Commonwealth Games team and after she became the first Canadian woman across the finish line at the Houston Half-Marathon just this past weekend.

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Wodak’s recent race will be an inspiration to many runners not just because of her blazing fast time (she ran 1:11:31 which is just 11 seconds off of her PB) but because she is running so well after having a rough go of it last year with a toe injury. 

After running for Team Canada at the Rio Olympics, Wodak’s nagging injury came to a head. She was forced to take time off and even re-think her running. Getting into the gym to do some extra strength work was a silver lining. To get strength workout ideas from Wodak, check out her Instagram page where she regularly posts the moves that have helped turn her into the athlete she is today. 

And of course, her motivational words are always an added bonus. “Gotta keep the strength program innovative and challenging or you are going to get bored and not want to do it… and strength work is so important for us runners!” she wrote.