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Things trail runners say

pacific-rim-national-park-trail-in-forest-pageTrail runners are a unique breed.

1) “If it involves pavement, it doesn’t count.”

Trail runners have a definitive stance on what is (and is not) trail running. So you’re “urban trail” that never leaves a 5K radius of the closest Starbucks probably doesn’t count to them.

2) “You know your feet are gonna get wet, right?”

You never know what sort of conditions you’re going to get on a trail run, or when you’re going to have leap your way across a stream.

3) “Those shoes look way too clean…are you sure you’re not a road runner?”

Any dedicated trail runner will tell you that clean shoes are simply not a thing on the trail scene.

4) “Oh yeah, that section can get a bit technical”

Technical is a catch-all term for tricky terrain. We’re talking rocks, tricky descents or anything which¬†leaves you no longer relying on sheer cardiovascular fitness.

Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park

5) “There’s no such thing as getting lost, there’s just extra mileage.”

Trail runners often embrace a mild detour. They’re the kind of people who¬†are confident they will turn themselves around eventually.

6) “I’ve got a rock in my shoe. I’ll catch up.”

Rocks in shoes are inevitable.

7) “I’ve got to pee. I’ll catch up.”

The good thing is that tree cover for hiding behind is much more plentiful on the trails than the roads.

8) “Mountain bike!”

This is the only other transportation you’re likely to find on the trails. Maybe a horse, depending on where you’re running.

Red deer

9) “Whoa did you see that deer/moose/snake/rabbit/fox/bird?”

The chances of a wildlife sighting are drastically increased on the trails compared to the roads. This is one of the things that is the most fun.

10) “Do you think this is private property?”

Often, you’re never quite sure whose land you might technically be on. But you’re definitely not there to cause any sort of damage, or leave anything but footprints, so its probably not an issue.