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What should you consider before buying a treadmill?

Rule #1: You should always test out a treadmill before purchasing it

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Are you are thinking about buying a treadmill? You will first need to consider what you are using it for and how it fits in with your training. A treadmill isn’t a cheap investment, but if you do your research and purchase the right one, it will last. If you’re set on owning a treadmill through the winter, just remember you get what you pay for.

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Here are a few tips to consider before buying a treadmill.

Avoid being cheap

Is it possible to get a cheap treadmill on Amazon or second-hand – Yes, but it comes with a risk. Cheaper treadmills generally have a small motor and support beams, meaning it won’t hold up for your 10K run. Small treadmills are meant for walking, and they usually don’t fit your running stride. The risk of buying a second-hand depends on the condition it is in. Make sure to always test out a used treadmill before purchasing it.

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Size does matter

As cited above, a smaller treadmill won’t give you enough room to run on it. You’ll want one with a larger base to accommodate a longer stride length. Consider the dimensions of the treadmill you’re buying, you shouldn’t have to change your stride to accompany the lack of space. While testing, look at your feet, they should not be too close to the front or back of the machine.

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Can it fit in your home?

How much space do you have to fit this treadmill into? If space is an issue, you will need a folding treadmill. If you live in an apartment or condo, can you get a treadmill through the door of your unit?

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Another feature you should consider in an apartment or condo is noise. A noisy treadmill in your room could certainly be an annoyance to your roommates, partner but mostly your neighbours beside and below you.

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Check out the specs

You will want a treadmill that can handle speed work and run at an incline. You would be surprised not all treadmills come with the same incline and speed settings. If you are planning to do all your training on it, you will want something that can reach at least 12-13 mph, with an incline of around 10 per cent. Some treadmills have up to 30 per cent inclines, but one that reaches 10-15 per cent should be sufficient for training.