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The Rundown: Sage Watson reflects on Olympic highs and lows, growth through discomfort, and redefining sponsorship for good

Each week Canadian Running staff writer Maddy Kelly and Shakeout host Kate Van Buskirk bring you a recap from the exciting world of running. This week on The Rundown we speak with Canadian record-holder and 2-time Olympian Sage Watson.

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Sage competes in the 400m hurdles and the 4x400m relay. In Tokyo last summer she anchored that relay team to a 4th place finish, narrowly missing the podium. In this episode Sage reflects on her Olympic experience and the heartbreak of coming so close to an elusive medal. She talks about making big changes following those Games, and about growth through discomfort. And finally, she shares an exciting new initiative called Running in Red. For the first time in her career, Sage will compete without a traditional shoe company sponsorship. Instead, she is partnering with local organizations to create meaningful community impact.