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The Shakeout: The “hate to love and love to hate” episode

Listen to the inaugural episode of The Shakeout Podcast, a weekly conversation about what's going on in the world of running

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In this week’s episode, Canadian Running’s editor Michael Doyle, web editor Sinead Mulhern and staff writer Tim Huebsch discuss:

The Barkley Marathons

Barkley Marathons
Photo: Michael Doyle / Canadian Running Magazine.

We were live in Tennessee as one of the most dramatic finishes in recent memory played out. We discuss what really went down, what The Barkley is really like, is it indeed the hardest endurance event in the world, and should it even be considered a running event?

A conversation with American marathoner Desiree Linden

Tim and Michael step away as Sinead chats with one of North America’s best distance runners as she puts the finishing touches on her training for the Boston Marathon. Linden discusses how she’s going to try to win Boston, her whisky collection, hang gliding in Rio and more.

The 50K racewalk is (potentially) dead; long live the 21.1K racewalk!

The athletics world seems to love to hate and hate to love racewalking. It’s been revealed that the IAAF will soon vote to do away with the 50K distance altogether, and shift the 20K to a more relatable half-marathon. We discuss the situation with Evan Dunfee, the Canadian racewalker that finished fourth in the 50K in Rio, which was arguably one of the most entertaining events of the Games. Plus, Sinead, Tim and Michael debate which events could swapped to make athletics more appealing to a broad audience.

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Links we mentioned in this week’s show:

Sinead’s 2016 post-Barkley Marathons interview with Gary Robbins

Race director Lazarus Lake’s response to the confusion regarding Robbins’ 2017 finish

Video of Robbins’ dramatic 2017 finish:

Follow Des Linden on Twitter

A petition to keep the 50K racewalk in the Olympics and IAAF World Championships

Andrea Seccafien’s blog on why cross-country running needs to be in the Olympics

Finally, our weekly recommendations. Each week Sinead, Tim and Michael will make a running-related suggestion to our listeners.

Sinead recommended:

The Shock Absorber bra, which is designed for high impact sports like running and, according to Sinead, actually works!

Read Sinead’s roundup of running bras, including the Shock Absorber.

Tim recommended:

Vlogger Casey Neistat’s excellent video about his obsession with running, “My Addiction.”

 And Michael recommended:

The 2010 German running/heist film, The Robber:

This week’s episode was produced by Adam Wojtkowiak.

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