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8 signs you’ve become a runners’ runner

You know you're a runner when...

Almost every person is a runner in some regard–whether it’s a warm up at the gym or before soccer practice, if you’re physically active, you’re running at least occasionally. However, there’s a tipping point in every runner’s life when they go from someone who runs, to a runner. Here are the signs that you’ve made, or are making, the transition.

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You don’t like being called a jogger

People will ask you about your jogging, and then one day (the day you officially become a runners’ runner) you won’t like that they call it jogging. You won’t fly into a rage, but it will give you pause.

Oatmeal becomes a dietary staple

For some reason, all runners eat oatmeal.

You monitor your pace per kilometre

You’re becoming a runners’ runner if you go for a run with a desired pace in mind. This indicates that you’ve caught the run bug enough to warrant purchasing a GPS watch.

You look forward to your daily miles

Running is undeniably really hard at first (or after a long break). Then one day, it’s not so hard anymore, and suddenly it becomes something that makes you feel better instead of worse. When you break the ‘running makes me feel terrible’ barrier, you’re officially entering the run club. (Editor’s note: this doesn’t apply to runners returning from injury, because running will temporarily make you feel terrible again. But you’ll be back, don’t worry).

You have an opinion about running shoes

You’ve developed strongly-held opinions about shoes and brands beyond their aesthetic. You know how you want your shoe to feel, what you want your shoe to do, and you’ve got something to say about the Alphafly.

Your explore page on Instagram is just runners

Your social media activity is a good indication of what you’re into. One day you’ll have a balanced explore page, and the day you become a runners’ runner, you’ll only have images and videos of other people doing the sport you love.

You’re looking up running routes before you’ve even boarded an airplane

Whether it’s a work trip or family vacation, you’re already planning where and when you’ll be getting your run in.

You’re introduced as “a runner”

You know you’ve officially hit runner status when you’re introduced at social gatherings as “the runner.” Welcome to the run club.

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