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Celebrating Canadians who achieved their 2018 running goals

Some inspiration for your 2019 running goals

Goal setting is an important aspect of running, and since there are many different types of runners, there are also many different types of running goals. We did a social media call out, asking our readers what their 2018 goals were and if they accomplished them. Here are some of our favourite answers to inspire your goals for 2019. 

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Runners want to complete their first marathon or half-marathon

Many runners cited completing their first marathon or half-marathon. This is a great goal for those who haven’t run the distance before and are looking to get the feel of the event before setting time goals. 

Runners who set distance goals


Everyone loves a mileage junkie. Some runners set big goals to cover a huge distance in a year. Alvin Yau averaged 8.4 kilometres a day. That’s roughly the distance from Toronto to Mexico. 

Runners who set time goals

Then there are the runners who are looking for personal bests. These runners want the fastest races and the best conditions. A good day for them is a shiny new PB, and then deciding what the next goal will be. 

Runners who are returning to running

For some, their annual goal is to get back into running, whether that be from an unplanned break, an injury, or life happening. 

Runners who want to qualify for Boston (or another race)

A BQ is a huge goal for so many runners. As standards get increasingly difficult, runners have to push themselves harder and harder to get to the April event. 

Those whose goal is to not set a goal

If life or running has started to feel high-pressure, sometimes the best goal a runner can set is not to have a concrete goal. Take time to love running, but avoid putting any pressure on results.