Hot takes with Corey Bellemore

Corey Bellemore's opinions on a wide variety of topics

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Some know him as a track and field star, others know him as the beer mile world record holder, and we know him as a well rounded runner. Corey Bellemore is gearing up for his 2019 outdoor season, and Canadian Running spent a day with him to see how he lives and trains.

Photo: Maxine Gravina

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We know that Bellemore is into track, and we know that he’s a high-level athlete, but below are some of Bellemore’s opinions that we were unaware of before yesterday. We presented him with 10 rapid-fire questions on contested topics that don’t necessarily have anything to do with running. Here’s how he answered.

Photo: Maxine Gravina.

1. Flaming Hot Cheetos or all dressed chips? All dressed chips.
2. New Olympic standards, cool or not cool? Interesting, but not clear enough.
3. Nike Vaprofly’s: too much or just enough? Three stripe life.
4. If you had to train for another event: decathlon or marathon? Marathon.
5. Salty or sweet? Sweet.
6. Seinfeld or Friends? Friends.
7. Kanye or Taylor? Kanye.
8. Cocktail or beer? Beer.
9. City or beach? Oh, I like them both pretty equally.
10. Caribbean or Europe? Europe.

Corey Bellemore and Jack Sheffar. Photo: Maxine Gravina

Want to know more about Bellemore? Canadian Running is doing a day-in-the life series with some of Canada’s top athletes and record-holders. Watch for Bellemore’s feature next week.