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Optimizing your training with artificial intelligence

The AI Endurance app helps athletes train smarter to get the most out of themselves ahead of goal races and runs

Markus Rummel got into endurance sports in 2012, and for a while, he had no issues fitting training into his schedule. But he was in university at the time, and after graduating, finding a job and getting married, he struggled to work in as many training sessions as he had before. “I had way less time to train, so I wanted to be more optimal about it,” he says. To do this, he created an app called AI Endurance that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to prepare personalized training plans to help athletes optimize their workouts and perform at their best on race day. 

Today, AI Endurance is used by many athletes around Canada and the world, but when he first designed it, Rummel was the app’s lone client. “Last year, I trained half of my usual load and still got PBs everywhere,” he says. Rummel, who has a PhD in theoretical physics, is an avid triathlete. After several years in the sport, he noticed that everyone has different approaches to training. “Some people go hard a lot and others take it way easier,” he says. “We all fight about what is ‘right,’ but it’s different for everyone. What has worked for me over the years is so different from what’s worked for my friends.” 

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With AI Endurance, the guesswork is taken out of training, and each user can each finally find their perfect formula for success. So how does it work? After connecting your AI Endurance profile to your Strava, Garmin or other training files, the app will analyze your athletic history and determine what will work best for you. Then, you can edit your weekly availability. If your schedule changes and work or anything else prevents you from training one day, you can simply move a workout to another day in the week. Next, you input your plans for any upcoming races. 


“So let’s say you have a race six weeks from now,” Rummel says. “The app will figure out the best thing you can do with your time limitations to get the best possible results.” The app’s AI will not only create a plan for you, but it will constantly update it based on your steady flow of workout data. This ensures that, no matter what changes occur in your life, your training will be optimized and personalized for you. 

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“With my app, you know that if you do the work, you’re going to see good results,” Rummel says. He adds that even though in-person races are largely on hold for the time being, there’s no reason not to start training with AI Endurance now. “Everyone wants to do well, especially when races come back. Even now you want to improve. The app can do that for you, and it does it in a motivating way. You know that if you put the work in, you’ll get a certain result instead of guessing.” 

To learn more about AI Endurance or to test it out yourself, click here

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