Unpopular opinions runners will wholeheartedly disagree with

We'll agree to disagree

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There’s a sub-section of Twitter that’s reserved for “unpopular opinions.” These opinions aren’t political or high-stakes, but they go against those held by the majority of people. Running is a topic that many non-runners like to weigh in on. Here’s a round up of Twitter’s most unpopular running opinions and the only thing runners will concede to on this list, is that they disagree with these statements.

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Errands after a workout is a no-no

Runners are practically professional sweaty-errand runners. Some runners literally run their errands, meaning they put a backpack on and run some easy miles while picking up or dropping off a few things they need.

Coffee is bad for you

Runners are notoriously (at least a little) addicted to coffee. We’re also people who take our health very seriously. So this tweet feels a little pointed.

INEOS 1:59 was a sham

One tweeter described the INEOS 1:59 as a “complete waste of time.” While we recognize that it was a highly controlled environment, and appropriately left off the world record lists, it was hardly a waste of time. Kipchoge was still the first person to run under two hours for the marathon, even if he did need 41 pacers.

Marathons are annoying

We couldn’t disagree more with this statement. The only scenario where we could agree is if, for some reason, you had to move on the day of the NYC marathon and you had to pass through the marathon course to get to your new location. That would truly be annoying.

Other than that one (very specific scenario), marathons rock.

All marathons should be run at the Kansas Speedway

All marathons should be run in a circle and in Kansas. Obviously.

Remove all GPS watches and running shoes when not working out

Well, this is a little harsh (as these casual accoutrements are the easiest way to spot a runner when they’re not running). And we think, when done properly, they can add to an outfit. Athleisure is in, folks.

Dresses don’t go with running shoes

Listen, Liv, sometimes we have to run our errands after a workout, but we were told that wearing our running clothes to do that was “nasty,” so people throw on a dress instead, but you think even that isn’t alright? Man, it’s hard to please everyone.