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WATCH: Lanni Marchant opens up about her surgery and recovery

Marchant is in the middle of a full-blown comeback. Here's a look at her journey over the past three years

Former Canadian marathon record holder Lanni Marchant has had a tough three years. In 2017, Marchant was at an Under Armour event when Michael Watts, Senior Manager of Athlete Performance, noticed something was off with her gait. Watts and the team put her through gait analysis testing where they found her left foot wasn’t pushing off with any power. Marchant had experienced pain in her hip before, but past sports medicine experts had missed her injury.


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Following that trip to Portland, Marchant made the decision to undergo surgery on her hip, and now two years later she’s staging a comeback.

Marchant has her sights set on Tokyo 2020 and the video below is part one of a two-part series that reveals the details of her surgery and her new running goals.


Marchant told Canadian Running after the 2019 Pride Run, “I’m having to make peace with the fact that the clock may run out for this Olympics, but that doesn’t mean that running stops. I think that’s what a lot of elites think.” She cites runners like Malindi Elmore and Lyndsay Tessier, who are masters or approaching masters age, and a running personal bests and placing internationally. “Malindi Elmore walked away from the sport and now she’s probably going to take Canadian records. It’s inspiring to me, because here I am thinking that at 35 I’m done, but there are so many examples to prove that’s not true.”

Stay tuned for part two of Marchant’s recovery story.

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