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WATCH: Toronto’s Run Summit 2019

The Toronto event brought elite and recreational runners together to talk, share, learn, and get inspired

As Toronto’s cold, icy winter dragged into March, the Runner’s Academy of Toronto provided an effective pick-me-up by hosting the 2019 Run Summit at the Centre for Social Innovation’s Annex location. Featuring breakout sessions on mental strategy, strength, mobility and drills, and panel discussions with some of Canada’s most successful elite and recreational runners including Gabriela DeBues-Stafford, Sami Jibril, and Corey Bellemorethe Summit was an opportunity to re-invigorate attendees’ running lives by meeting, hearing and learning from others.

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The panel discussions were moderated by Kate Van Buskirk (former Canadian record-holder in the indoor mile and producer of The Shakeout podcast). The first session  allowed the audience of about 50 runners to hear from elites and recreational runners alike about their biggest breakthroughs and deepest heartbreaks. The second session dealt with the ways in which runners have been able to elevate other areas of their lives thanks to running, such as arts and culture, business, community development, and health.

Run Summit breakout session on goal-setting. Photo: Maxine Gravina


Gabriela DeBues-Stafford at the 2019 Run Summit. Photo: Maxine Gravina


Breakout session on core activation and strength-building. Photo: Maxine Gravina

Those in attendance also enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by the Food Runners.

All proceeds from the day went to Team Unbreakable, which partners with schools and community organizations to raise awareness of youth mental health, reduce stigma, and promote running as a route to mental health.