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How to qualify for UTMB in Canada

These Canadian races can help you qualify for UTMB in 2020 and beyond

Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc

Just less than a week has passed since the world watched the 2019 UTMB races. The 2020 UTMB races (UTMB, CCC, TDS, OCC, and MCC) will take place August 24 through to August 30, with the 170K signature event capping at 2,300 runners and scheduled for Friday August 28. Qualifying for any of the 2020 UTMB races involves accumulating points from eligible 2018 and 2019 races as well as a draw.

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Runners need to finish their two qualifying races between January 2018 and December 31, 2019 to apply for 2020. Number of points required depends on which race suits your fancy (UTMB-10, CCC-6, TDS-8, OCC-4 points). 2020 is the last year current qualifying standards will apply for UTMB, before organizers implement a new qualifying process. Here are some Canadian races that offer UTMB points to help you get into the events in the future.

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Diez Vista 50K

Points: 3
When: April
Where: Port Moody, BC

Ultra Trail Gaspésia 100

Points: 5 for 100 mile, 4 for 106K, 2 for 53K, 2 for 35K, 1 for 25K
When: June
Where: Percé, Que

Quebec Mega Trail

Points: 5  for 110K, 4 for 50 mile, 3 for 50K, 1 for 25K
When: July
Where: Quebec City, Que

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Albert

Points: 2 for 44.7K race
When: July
Where: Gaspésie National Park, Que

Buckin’ Hell

Points: 3 for solo 50K
When: July
Where: North Vancouver, BC

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Sinister 7 Ultra

Points: 6 for solo 100-mile
When: July
Where: Crowsnest Pass, Alta

Fat Dog 120

Points: 6 for 120-mile, 4 for 70-mile, 3 for 50-mile
When: August
Where: Manning Park, BC

Squamish 50

Points: 5 for 50-50, 3 for 50-mile, 2 for 50K, 1 for 23K
When: August
Where: Squamish, BC

Black Spur Ultra

Points: 4 for 108K, 3 for 54K
When: August
Where: Kimberley, BC

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La Chute du Diable

Points: 3 for 80K, 2 for 50K, 2 for 35K
When: August
Where: St-Mathieu-du-Parc, Que

Finlayson Arm

Points: 5 for 100K, 3 for 50K
When: September
Where: Victoria, BC

The Golden Ultra

Points: 5 for 120K, 4 for 85K stage race, 3 for 55K, 2 for 45K stage race (‘half pint’), 1 for 30K, 1 for 20K
When: September
Where: Golden, BC

Ultra-Trail Harricana

Points: 5 for 125K, 3 for 65K, 2 for 42K, 1 for 28K
When: September
Where: La Malbaie, Que

Whistler Alpine Meadows (WAM)

Points: 6 for 100-mile, 5 for 110K, 3 for 55K, 1 for 25K
When: September
Where: Whistler, BC

The Bromont Ultra

Points: 5 for 100-mile, 3 for 80K, 3 for 55K
When: October
Where: Bromont, Que

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