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Running warm-up exercises: A and B skips


The big race day may be coming up. Runners need to make sure the warm-up before workouts and races is an adequate one. In the days of October, the weather cools meaning that muscles sometime need an extra well-rounded warm up before you get going. If you’re not already doing them, A and B-skips are exercises you should add to your pre-workout warm-up. Dr. Brittany Moran and Sasha Gollish show us how to do both exercises in the Runner’s Academy videos below.


When doing the A-skip, pay attention to keeping posture upright and driving arms forward the same as you would when running. The idea is to skip keeping knees high. Drive the knee up high above the hip and bring it down fast. Once comfortable, a skip can be added in between steps.


B-skips are a little more fancy than your basic A-skip. The first motion is the same.┬áDrive the knee upward the same as you would with the first exercise. Instead of snapping it back down though, extend the leg and bring it back down striking the ground below with the forefoot and kicking back until it’s aligned with the hip. When doing the B-skip, it should feel like the leg is moving in a circular motion.

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