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It’s been a long and winding road

IMG_2180I no longer consider myself injured.  After a long year and half of dealing with an achillies injury, directly followed by a severe sprain and ankle fracture – I’m thrilled to report that I’m now running again.

I still feel mild aches and muscle tightness on runs, but there are not sharp pains.  I’ve joined some other recovering runners on runs and we are slowly building our endurance and distance together.  It feels great to be with running friends again.

In the final submission of the Road to Recovery blog, I think it’s important to list the lessons that I’ve learned and give thanks to the people who had a significant contribution to my healing.

Remember even small progress, is still progress. Normand d’Eon – thanks for your advice, genuine friendship and words of wisdom.

Listen to your shoe-guyJonathan Kirk – I am publically declaring that you were right and will never divert from Brooks Glycerin ever again.

Find a coach that believes in you and is patient.  Thanks Coach JZ, for teaching me to train smarter, not harder.

Reduce stress in our life, otherwise your body won’t heal.  My close friends and family have helped me to find work/life balance, learn how to not worry so much or work such long hours. With their encouragement, I’ve made major changes in my career.  It’s helped my health significantly and allowed me to spend more time with people that I love.

Surround yourself with awesome people.  Thanks to the members of Heart & Sole Running Club for pacing me at the track, taking walk-breaks me, giving me encouragement and helping in ways that I cannot even find words to adequately express.

Sleep and relax more.  Thanks to my amazing husband, Gordon Crooks, for giving me regular foot massages that helped improve my circulation, helped me to relax, assisted my healing and also put me into a coma-like sleeps within minutes!

Try multiple approaches to healing. Meryl Cooke and Dr. Monique Aucoin – I appreciate your expertise, that you properly diagnosed me and treating my serious health issues (even ones that I didn’t blog about).

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Thank you Jeff and Robbie for helping me see the errors of my ways. Lets hope the small modifications you suggested to my running gait, will help me to avoid future injury.

The weight will come off as fast it went on.  Weight-loss bloggers inspire me (Marni, Tara, Meegan and Nicole to name a few).  Their honestly and understanding of the lifelong struggle of eating disorders and the importance of running to manage food consumption and weight is helpful and reassuring that I’m not alone. I use your blogs as a resource more than you realize.

Cross-training is essential.  I appreciate Rainnie Williams for insisting I do core work, push-ups and every exercise that I won’t do on my own.  Also to the instructors and yoga community at Shanti Hot Yoga, especially Emilie, Estelle and Stephanie – for helping me stretch and find a peaceful sanctuary for my practice –time in your classes have been invaluable to my healing.

Be patient, time is the best healer.  I thank, err, myself for working on becoming more patient.  It’s taken a lot of self-discipline (as it’s not a characteristic that I bestow naturally), but I’m working on it.

To everyone who sent me  emails, private messages or posted comments – thank you for being part of my healing by offering encouragement and sharing your own experiences.

Now onto my next adventure…