Wheat is the most commonly consumed grain out there, but very few of us are eating it in its most unprocessed form, as a full kernel. Wheat berries include all three parts of grain, which include germ, bran and endosperm. Wheat berries are a good source of fibre and easy on the calories.

These grains are easily adaptable. You can throw them on salad, mix them into stews and soups, or even eat them for breakfast, porridge style. Here are some wheat berry recipes to inspire you to get cooking.

autumn-wheat-berry-salad-51) Autumn wheat berry salad

Squash, cranberries, maple syrup and orange zest all come together in this dish with an attitude. One serving packs almost half your daily vitamin C and a quarter of your daily fibre requirements.

2) Lemony chickpea wheat berry salad

This light meal is a great option for a vegetarian main and makes for a good make-ahead lunch option. Lemon juice and olive oil provide simple and elegant flavours.wheat berries

3) Wheat berry waldorf salad

This is not your traditional waldorf salad (and it just might be better).

4) Kabocha squash with wheat berries

This salad has a lot going on. Roasted kabocha squash and shiitakes, toasted hazelnuts, fresh arugula and creamy feta all mingle with wheat berries for a little bit of everything.

5) Wheat berry salad with cranberries

This recipe’s author describes it as a “no fuss salad” which sounds like the right type of salad to us.

wheat berry6) Strawberry and goat cheese wheat berry salad

Strawberries and goat cheese are a summery match made in heaven. Orange zest and toasted walnuts take it one notch further on the delicious-scale.

7) Orange ginger wheat berry salad

In this Oh She Glows recipe, wheat berries are combined with their fellow whole grain cousin, quinoa in this tasty vegetarian recipe. Edamame provides some veggie protein and homemade orange ginger dressing adds some zing.

8) Lemony wheat berries with roasted brussel sproutslemony_wheat_berries_with_roasted_brussels_sprouts

You probably weren’t that familiar with wheat berries before reading this article and you probably have avoided brussel sprouts since childhood, so why not put the two ingredients together for a meal that breaks down barriers?

Cherry-Mint-Wheatberry-Salad_29) Wheat berry salad with cranberries, feta and mint

This salad is simple and fresh. We must admit to being a fan of this recipe authors salad formula of grain + bean + berry + herb = deliciousness.

10) Cherry mint wheat berry salad

This salad simply put, looks divine. Cherries and blueberries bring juiciness, with mint and lemon juice to balance them out.

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