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New food trends that runners are actually going to want to try

These foods trends are actually worthy of your attention

The food trends of 2018 are already becoming noticeable even though January is not yet out. Every year, we see a few ingredients or dishes that seem to dominate restaurant menus and Instagram feeds. Some are healthy ones that runners would do well to sample, others… not so much. We’re going ahead and predicting some of the food trends that are sure to create a buzz this year and we feel that these are actually worth of your attention. 

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Expect to see lavender teas, lattes and lavender garnished desserts everywhere this ear. We’re already noticing a lot of purple on dinner plates and in beverages. A hot tea with made with this purple flower sounds like the perfect thing after a cold, winter run. 

Bottled soups 

Need a quick go-to lunch option between meetings? It’s looking like healthy, bottled soups could be on the rise this year. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that that happens while the snow is still on the ground. A nice, vitamin-rich veggie soup beats a greasy pizza slice any day. Oh, and if the evenings tend to be busy, opting for a bottled soup is a way to cut down the meal prep time so you can be doing what you really want to be doing: running. 

Booze-free drinks 

Mocktails aren’t just for the kids. When dining out, it’s nice to sip on a cocktail of sweet or tart flavours. Since alcohol dehydrates, it doesn’t exactly blend well with the morning run. This year, expect to be impressed by the selection of creative, yummy cocktails sans alcohol. 

Poke bowls 

This meal is like sushi but with a different presentation. We strongly recommend chowing down on a salmon poke bowl loaded with fresh, good-for-you ingredients. Plus, can food get any more Instagrammable? 

Himalayan salt

We can thank millennials for the popularity of “millennial pink” – the pale, dusty pink that seems to be everywhere right now. This year, the salt by the same shade, Himalayan salt, is going to be extra trendy. Bonus: a container of this stuff can be used in the kitchen or sprinkled into the bathtub to sooth sore muscles after a hard session on the track. 

Intense deli meats 

The classic lunchbox ingredient is seriously upping its game. Deli meats are going through a major revamp in 2018. Gone are the days when black forest ham and smoked turkey were the only options. Not only will deli meats bring the pizzazz, but they’ll also come in tastier vegan alternatives. Packing the lunch in the morning now requires nearly no thought so the workout can be the main focus. Nice. 

Purple potatoes

Black kale has seen its day as the favourite fancy, dark purple vegetable. This year, a side of purple potatoes seems to be the carb of choice. Load up – these guys will provide the needed power for your run! 

Even better vegan food 

The vegan options are going to stop being seen as the most boring option in the grocery store. Vegan alternatives are getting bolder and tastier this year so if you’re thinking about cutting down on meats and dairy, know that the options will most certainly not be bland. 


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