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Inside Emma Coburn’s race day

What race day looks like for a world champion

Emma Coburn was the 2017 steeplechase world champion and is the second fastest American steeplechaser of all time. The steeplechaser raced a 1,500m on Saturday night at the Music City Distance Carnival in Nashville and walked her Instagram followers through her entire race day.


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Coburn isn’t shy about sharing her training on social media. She actively posts about her runs, her strength work and what a day in her life looks like. On Saturday the runner was just off of her 1,500m personal best, taking the win at Vanderbilt University in 4:05.24 and running under the world championship standard. She was followed by Helen Schlachtenhaufen in 4:05.49 and her teammate Cory McGee in 4:05.90. Canadian Lucia Stafford was tenth in 4:11.99. Coburn shared with her Instagram followers on Saturday how she gets race-day ready.

Race day schedule

Coburn’s race day schedule looks like a lot of pros: eat, sleep, repeat. Specifically: shakeout, eat, nap, eat, watch TV, shower, head to the track and then it’s race time.

Pre-race routine

Ten minutes before warm up, Coburn will put her legs up and visualize the race she’s about to run.

Win the race

Next on the docket, run a 4:05 1,500m to take the win and potentially punch your ticket to the World Championships in Doha.


The runner grabbed some beer and Nashville hot chicken for post-race celebrations. As they say, “When in Rome.”

Do it all over again

Sunday morning Coburn did her morning run with a big groups of fans and other runners from the meet.

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