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5 of the most difficult bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises the pros use to stay strong and healthy

These exercises are deceptively difficult for two reasons: one because they’re using only bands or bodyweight, and two because runners are notoriously weak and tight in the areas they work on. Here are five pros demonstrating some of their most challenging but effective bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight exercises are ideal because they can be done anywhere. For those who prefer to workout out at home or are regularly on the go, here’s some exercise inspiration.

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Emily Sisson’s hip hinge

Sisson writes that this hip hinge is an exercise that’s helping her stay healthy as she increases her mileage. With the U.S. Olympic marathon trials only weeks away, staying healthy is paramount for the runner.

The bar that Sisson uses to keep her back straight is optional, but a good idea for hip hinge first-timers. The goal is to go from a kneeling position to resting on your knees. This is good for glute and hip function.


Emma Coburn’s Pallof press

The Pallof press is key for core stability, something that is important for all runners but especially steeplechasers like Coburn. It’s done by extending and drawing in your arms, while focusing on your back and core muscles. A band is recommended to make this exercise a little more difficult.

Molly Huddle’s ankle strength

Ankle mobility is something that’s hugely overlooked by lots of runners. Ankles and feet are your movement foundation, so it’s important to keep them in working order.

Start with the band around your ankle and move it away from you in a swooping motion. Think of it like you’re drawing the letter ‘C’ with your foot. You should feel your ankle loosen, and a stretch in the muscle in the front of your shin (known as the tibialis anterior).

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Day 4 of the #12daysofRLYrunning2019 are my favorite band exercises for foot and ankle strength (pick one or do both-one is modified in case you don’t have a stretch band laying around) 🌟I like to use bands for a variety of foot exercises- (you can get packs of them of different resistances. ) 🌟For this peroneal series try 2×10 reps on each foot , everting into the band (push with the edge of foot, just below pinkie toe)- while you pull the band lightly in the opposite direction, then slowly return your ankle to neutral as an eccentric exercise on the way back. 🌟The second exercise is great for toe flexors: lay your band flat and scrunch it toward you using only your toes, try 2x1minute on each foot (try w/ a towel if you don’t have a band) 👣 🌟 see previous post for full contest details and prize list but basically ✅post a pic or video of you doing the exercise of the day for all 12 days and tag the host and #12daysofRLYrunning2019 in each!

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Jordan Hasay’s single-leg squat

Hasay’s single-leg squat can be modified to be easier. Her version extends into a wall drive with a calf raise (for the experienced single-leg squatters among us) but as a beginner, start with a simple single-leg squat.

This means sitting down just like Hasay, but rising straight up instead of driving forward. This is a great exercise for hamstring and glute strength.

Sage Watson’s knee-to-elbow plank

Watson’s version of the plank is harder than typical planks because of the addition of the knee lift. This works the muscles on the side of the core along with down the centre.

Put these knee touches in the middle of a plank hold, or do them as a set on their own.

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