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8 signs you ran in extremely hot weather

As most of Canada enters a heatwave, here are eight signs your run was insanely hot and helpful tips to recover from it

Eastern Canada is experiencing some extreme weather. It’s so hot and humid outside that breathing feels arduous, even at a standstill. But runners, especially those training for a fall goal race, can’t afford to take a few weeks off to avoid a heatwave. Here are some signs you ran in the extreme heat and what to do if you encountered any of the listed situations.

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You ran shockingly slow and it felt terrible


When you leave for a run and it’s extremely hot out, it’s very important to adjust your expectations. This run is no longer about hitting a certain time, it’s about effort. If your run was really slow and felt terrible, don’t panic. Your fall goal race will be much cooler than your July training run.

You ran at 5 a.m.

The fear of a 30-plus degree day can get any runner out of bed. If you’re not a morning person but found yourself rising before the sun, chances are it was to avoid an insanely hot run (even though the sad reality is that it was probably still pretty hot).

You chugged three Gatorades

Did you come home and chug multiple Gatorades like you’d never seen a fluid before? Chances are you just had a very warm run. Instead of chugging, try and drink consistently through the day and during your run. Hydrating properly can help you avoid the three-Gatorades-in-three-minutes stage.

You have a drawer stuffed with clean t-shirts and tank tops

Because it’s been so hot out, chances are you haven’t worn a shirt in weeks. When it’s this hot out, the less fabric, the better.

You ran on the treadmill (in July)

Most runners would always prefer to be outside during the summer months, but if you slept through your weekend wakeup call, there’s a chance you found yourself on the treadmill. The sad reality is that even though most gyms are air conditioned, the treadmill always ends up feeling almost as warm as it would’ve outside.

You’re still sweating after a cold shower

There’s no worse feeling than continuing to sweat post-shower. But after a really hot run, this is all too common.

You drank half a beer and felt it

Did you come home from a weekend run and crack a cold one? If you did, you probably noticed that it hit you almost as fast as your headache. Not to be the party police, but if you want to avoid severe dehydration, start with a couple of waters before going to beers.

You lost five pounds

Losing weight from sweat is a very real thing during the summer months. If you’ve returned from a run and you’re significantly lighter than you were when you left, you should consider bringing water with you next time to avoid excessive fluid loss.

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