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A workout for runners with a need for speed

Put this interval session in your program if you're looking to get faster

Track Workout

There is an often-used quote in the running world that says “the only way to run fast is to run fast.” Of course, this quote overly simplifies training for endurance running, but there is some truth to it: if you want to run fast, you have to put in some speedwork. This workout is fast, and the variable-distance format of the intervals will challenge you to speed up, even when your legs are already tired.

Strengthen your kick to the finish with this speed workout

The workout

The most challenging aspect of this workout will be the final 800m interval at the end, in which your goal is to stay as close to the pace you were running your 400m intervals as possible. You should already be pretty gassed at this point in the workout, so those final two laps are a great way to simulate the end of a race when you want to summon your last bit of energy to kick to the finish line.

Warmup: 10-15 minutes easy jog, followed by form drills and strides

Workout: 1K at 5K pace; 2 minutes rest; 4x400m at mile pace with 1:30 rest between each; 3 min rest; 800m at mile-3K pace

Cooldown: 10-15 minutes easy jog, followed by light stretching

If you don’t have a track, do a 4-minute interval for the 1K, 1:30 for the 4oom and 3 minutes for the 800m.

Justyn Knight’s seriously fast speed workout