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How to taper with Trevor Hofbauer

Spring race season is upon us. Here's how 2017 Canadian marathon champion Trevor Hofbauer tapers

Trevor Hofbauer

Trevor Hofbauer of Calgary, Alta. was the 2017 Canadian Marathon Champion, and he’s gearing up for the Hamburg Marathon on April 28.

Trevor Hofbauer
Photo: Matt Stetson

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Since his 2017 marathon win, Hofbauer has moved from Guelph, Ont. back to Calgary and begun training himself, joking that he’s kind of his own science project. The runner says his self-confidence and self-esteem really wavered in Guelph, and that the move has suited him well. “I’m working at Strides Running Store and coaching myself. It’s been cool. I treat myself like a science project, and that really motivates me,” he says. He’s currently only four weeks away from Hamburg, so taper time is impending. The 2017 champion says his emphasis throughout his taper is on staying relaxed.  “I emphasize the importance of that, because it is really easy to stress yourself out over little details that can end up compromising your preparation.”

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The runner likes to experiment with things like routes, mid-run nutrition, breakfast routines, footwear and apparel during his build, to find out what works best. But once he’s a month out, nothing changes. “Once the race is a month out, nothing in my personal life or training changes and the consistency of that reassures me that the race day will be a success.”


A week of training for Hofbauer

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Double. Morning progression run and afternoon easy
Wednesday – Workout
Thursday – Double. Morning easy and afternoon easy with strides or hill sprints (alternates weekly)
Friday – Workout
Saturday – Double. Morning easy and afternoon easy
Sunday – Steady Long Run

His taper mileage

“I start the marathon taper three weeks out, with the length of workouts dropping two weeks out. Overall mileage from day 20 to day 14 [out from the marathon] drops 11.5 per cent, day 13 to 7 [out from the marathon] drops 13 per cent and day 6 to race day drops 13 per cent again.” Hofbauer will be joined by Reid Coolsaet at the Hamburg Marathon. The event begins Sunday, April 28 at 9:30 a.m. local time.