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Ben Flanagan has signed with Reebok

Ben Flanagan joins Justyn Knight and the Reebok Boston Track Club

Ben Flanagan becomes the second Canadian to join coach Chris Fox and the Reebok Boston Track Club. 

The newly formed team will be based out of Charlottesville, Virginia and will use the University of Virginia track for their workouts. 

Earlier this summer, fellow Canadian track runner Justyn Knight became the club’s first major signee. 

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After Ben Flanagan won the NCAA 10,000m this June, things changed for him. “Since NCAA’s the opportunities that became available to me have changed enormously. After singing with agent Dan Lilot, we decided that the best approach for choosing a company was to be as open minded as possible. I didn’t want to make any impulsive or emotional decisions.”

Flanagan continued, “Dan and I contacted every major company. As the process went on, I started to discover what my best fit would be.”

Flanagan is excited about joining Reebok, “I’m excited to work with Reebok as a company as well and the athletes and staff in the Boston group.  The coaching staff is phenomenal, I know what they’ve done in the past, and I know I’ll fit in pretty seamlessly.”

Fox is the former Syracuse University coach, and has worked with Knight throughout his NCAA career. 

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Flanagan and Knight have raced each other for a long time. Flanagan describes being a fairly experienced high school runner, and Knight entering the scene and immediately becoming a contender. “When I was a relatively experienced high school runner, Knight had just started running and he was so good right out of the gate. It was only a matter of time before Justyn Knight became Justyn Knight. That was really cool to follow.”

Flanagan is racing the Long Island Mile tonight before flying out for the Canadian 5K Championships this Sunday in Toronto. He’ll be sporting his new uniform, and is hoping to finish the evening as a sub-four minute miler. 

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