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New Special Feature

Testing the special feature.

Confessions from a middle-of-the-pack runner

Allegra Swanson isn’t running just to get fit but she’s not in the top ten either. In her new blog, […]

Disney Princess Half-Marathon

Walt Disney World was transformed into one of Disney’s popular road race destinations.

Pronation under fire

With each step you take, your foot rolls inward to absorb some of the shock of landing – a process […]

Ferritin Facts

Low iron is a common problem for runners. Jarring footstrikes can cause red blood cells to burst; sweating, gastrointestinal bleeding […]

On the run in Vancouver

Vancouver is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world.  There are a plethora of running […]

The skinny on skim milk

The perfect recovery drink comes from a cow After a training run, many runners immediately  reach for a bottle of […]

Honour Roll: Charles Cooper

A child of diplomats, this Canadian product is ready for the world stage.  Italian born to British citizens, raised in […]

Halifax running club: More than just a running club

This Halifax club believes that running doesn’t have to be a solitary sport. Before jumping into a busy week, the   […]

Rob Watson to run Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

confirmed he will run in the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 20. Not only that, he expects to handily lower his personal best time of 2:13:3

Heart problems to blame for Detroit runners' deaths

Heart abnormalities caused the death of two runners who collapsed during the Detroit half marathon, authorities in Michigan said Monday.

Should you run when you're sick?

Studies show that exercise can help or hurt your immune system — and it’s okay to run through some symptoms but not others.