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Seasonal snacking: Summer kebab recipes

It’s summertime, which means kebab season. We’ve got you covered when it comes to healthy summer kebab recipes.

Hip-Foodie-Mom-Caprese-Kabob_vert1) Tuna and avocado skewers

This recipe will make sitting at your kitchen table feel like a beach cookout.

2) Caprese kabobs with balsamic glaze

Although summer is classic grilling season, there’s something to be said for simple recipes that don’t require any cooking. These cappers kabobs make for stunning, healthy appetizers.

rosemary-peach-chicken-kebabs3) Grilled sweet potato kebabs

This recipe’s author impressed us by demonstrating a way to eat sweet potato that we’ve never tried before.

4) Rosemary peach chicken kabobs

With seasonal peaches give an extra pop to plain old chicken in this barbecue dish.

5) Frozen chocolate banana bites

We’ve already raved about healthy banana ice cream before, but this takes on more a chocolate covered ice cream bar idea.

6) Grilled pineapple coconut shrimp kebabsgrilled coconut pineapple shrimp kebabs

The author of this recipe is a big fan of coconut shrimp, but not of deep frying and batter-covered foods, so she developed her own healthier version. Never grilled pineapple before? You’re missing out.

7) Rainbow veggie skewers

This is a recipe for the aesthetically-inclined eater.

Blueberry-Mojito-Kombucha-6_thumb8) Fajita tofu kebabs

Unseasoned, we’ll admit, tofu can be a tad bland. This recipe, however, makes tofu shine as an ingredient in a tasty kabob that even meat-eaters will enjoy.

9) Grilled sweet potato and veggies

Hearty sweet potato tastes the place where meat is often used to make for a yummy vegetarian main.

10) Blueberry yogurt kebabsphoto-146

Blueberries, yogurt and some barbecue sticks and you’re all set to create this delicious and totally healthy dessert. Kid approved, this is a great recipe to involve little ones with.