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Two things your sports nutritionist wishes you’d consider

Nutritionist Jen Sygo has a couple words of advice to anyone who came into 2018 with rather lofty diet goals...

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So you woke up in the morning of Jan. 1 with some pretty lofty goals. You would not be the first. January is moving on – fast. With the first days of the year now being a speck in the rear view mirror, many of us are reconsidering the goals we set for ourselves on New Year’s. Editing and re-evaluating resolutions is actually a real wise move for runners who aim to self improve. If you’re in that process, good on you. 

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Earlier this month, we had a chat with Jen Sygo – a Toronto-based sports nutritionist who works with athletes on Team Canada’s track and field team along with advising the Toronto Maple Leafs. During a time when many are focusing on fresh new starts, she wants runners to keep in mind two big things. First off, beware of what the word “cleanse” means to you. If your aim is to eat more fresh produce through the course of the day while cutting out processed foods and added sugars, great. However, if this term (and buzzword, if you will) takes on a more restrictive meaning, that’s a red flag. Depriving the body of the adequate number of calories and nutrients is a dangerous way to go for anyone – especially runners who are burning more than the average person.

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Secondly, when setting a new goal, instead of making over-arching big-picture resolutions, try instead making one minor lifestyle change and other things will follow suit. For example, going to bed earlier can lead to having more time in the morning to pack a healthy lunch and is likely to cut out unhealthy food cravings that often come with poor sleep

To hear our full, in-depth conversation with Sygo, listen to the latest episode of The Shakeout podcast where we get expert tips on re-writing resolutions.