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An interval workout every runner should do

This workout is perfect for all runners, no matter what distance you are training for

It is no surprise that interval training is one of the most popular training methods out there. Interval running is not only for beginners but also for advanced runners, and elites can benefit from running intervals, too. Interval workouts are important for developing your comfort level with faster paces. This one-minute on and one-minute off interval workout is great for all runners, as it challenges your speed, strength and endurance.

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If you are learning to run, you can use this workout to see how many reps you can complete, alternating running and walking for one minute. If you are a middle-distance sprinter, try five to six reps at mile pace, with one-minute walk rest. If you are training to improve your 5K time, try 10 to 15 reps at or faster than your 5K goal pace, with one minute slow jog rest. If you are training for a marathon, you can use this workout by doing 25 to 30 reps at slightly faster than marathon pace and to speed up your jog rest to recovery-run pace.

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The purpose behind this workout is to push yourself outside your comfort zone, as the intervals are short. The goal pace for each interval should be determined by what you are training for. Aim to start slower than your goal pace and gradually get faster throughout the workout. You’ll find if you can manage your speed in the early intervals, that you can pick up the pace in the last few reps.