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Fix your strength workout rut, get your squat on

Add power to your stride. Get squatting!

Want a powerful stride? You’re going to have to tone up that booty. 

It’s common for runners to push the strength work all the way to the back burner. Don’t. If you’re one to ignore the muscle work in the gym or studio, know that learning to include it as a part of the weekly routine will go a long way in the end. By making an effort to strengthen the muscles that aid your running, you become more efficient and will run more smoothly.

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Not sure what types of exercises to include? See our training section for constant “quick strength” exercises to add in before of after your run. The above video encourages runners to do squats. By adding a weight in the front of the body, the runners adds another level of difficulty.

Know that runners who aim to include full strength workouts in their weeks should make sure that it compliments their running– instead of taking from it. Avoid adding in a tough gym session on a quality day of running. Got a long run or hard interval session planned? Add in these movements on a different day so as to get the most out of both types of workouts.  

According to Brittany Mordan, a Toronto chiropractor at The Runners Academy (and featured in the above video) squatting is a key movement to improve all running endeavors. 


Quick strength: Single-leg hip hinge with row

Quick strength: Lateral band walk 

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