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Here’s a simple app for calculating your pace

Your training shouldn't be more difficult than it already is

Do you want to know how fast you need to run to finish a marathon in four hours? Or what pace you should run to break 25 minutes in a 5 km?

Your training shouldn’t be more difficult than it already is. This app is a great way to train toward getting faster, calculating splits for your upcoming speedwork session. The app calculates the pace for every casual, intermediate or elite runner.

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The app is called ‘Pace Calculator’. It’s available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Step 1: Enter in your interval or race distance.

Step 2: Edit the time or pace at which you need to cover the distance.

Step 3: Tap view splits and the app will give you a kilometre breakdown.

The main screen on the Pace Calculator app.

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If you want to want to see the breakdown of your pace under one kilometre or one mile, set that as the distance, and keep your pace the same. Tap view splits and the app will show a breakdown of splits per 100m.

A one-kilometre pace breakdown on Pace Calculator for a 25-minute 5K.

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The under one-mile breakdowns are comprehensive for runners doing speed work on a local loop or a running track. Pace Calculator will measure the exact pace you should be hitting on each lap.

This app was developed by Polymorph Solutions from Australia to help simplify training paces for runners.