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Smarter alternatives to the classic New Year’s running resolutions

Before getting caught up in the frenzy, ask yourself: is your New Year's resolution realistic?

It’s the time of year for reinvention and self improvement. As 2017 comes to a close, many runners (or soon-to-be runners) are plotting the list of resolutions they’ll tackle in the new year. Now that 2018 is nearly here, motivation to achieve new goals is quite high. But with the whole new-year-new-you mentality, some of us can get a little too caught up in the frenzy and commit to a resolution that isn’t quite down to earth. Below are a few classic goals that people commit to on January 1 and alternatives that might make for a smart goal. 

Lose weight

Instead try: Make a few solid lifestyle changes that could result in getting to a healthier weight. For example, think less about the number on the scale and more about getting adequate sleep, hydrating with water instead of sugary beverages and combing that Netflix time with something active like treadmill running

Run a marathon

Instead try: Set your sights on a shorter distance earlier in the year with the intention to work your way up. For runners who have never been to a start line, a marathon may be too big of a jump. Committing to something like a 5K or 10K to get a sense of your personal interest and fitness level is to set yourself up for success. 

Run every day

Instead try: If you’re not currently running or being active every single day, this is a major change to commit to. Most people don’t go from couch potato to avid runner overnight. To make the transition an enjoyable one, try something like upping your overall weekly mileage by a certain amount or sitting down and planning a workout schedule that fits in realistically with other obligations.  

Take up running

Instead try: Know someone who is adamant to become a runner in 2018? One suggestion we have for up-and-comers is to find a way to make the lifestyle fun. This could mean, including a bunch of fitness activities into your weeks to keep any from getting boring or making a running-related goal for every new month of the calendar year.

Run a PB

Instead try: If your PB is fairly fresh and your running has been going well, this resolution gets the green light. If it’s 10 years old and the odds are against you, aim for something like running in a new destination, completing that race you always wanted to try or making the effort to start learning about proper athlete nutrition.